1 song on repeat ALL DAY

1 song on repeat ALL DAY COMPLETED

Woooo. This one was tough, mostly because towards the end the roads started getting pretty rough and we started yelling at each other. Learned a few Spanish words though. Caballo Blanco!!!!!!!

Thanks Jenn so much for your generous donation. We love you!

fun fundraising idea 1 song on repeat ALL DAY
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Yak to Yak Champs!

CAUSE: Mission 22

1 song on repeat ALL DAY

Want to donate and absolutely drive us bananas? Here's your chance. We will play one song on repeat for an entire day on the road. The ENTIRE day, every second we are in the car. Can you imagine listening to Who Let The Dogs Out 100 times in a row? Me neither, but help us raise some money and you can get a great laugh at our expense.

When you donate leave us a comment with your song suggestion. The most popular song from the comments will be the winner. The entire day will be recorded with a gopro and we will post videos to prove how miserable we are.

50% of the donations from this challenge will go to our charities, and the remaining 50% will go to our general team fund.




This FUNraiser is completed and no longer accepting donations

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Donor avatar Jennifer Frahm $300.00



El Caballo Blanco José Alfredo Jimenez


El Caballo Blanco José Alfredo Jimenez

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