Drink fermented Mare's milk in Mongolia

Drink fermented Mare's milk in Mongolia COMPLETED

On our last full day in Mongolia we stopped to get a breath of fresh air, mostly because our car smelled like gasoline from the broken fuel pump fumes. Across the street was a field full of horses, and a man popped out of his yurt and invited us into his house. Within about 30 seconds one of his daughters handed us a bowl of milk, full of hairs and who knows what else. Gotta say though, it wasn't terrible!

fun fundraising idea Drink fermented Mare's milk in Mongolia
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Yak to Yak Champs!

CAUSE: Mission 22

Drink fermented Mare's milk in Mongolia

"Kumys" is the national drink in Mongolia. There isn't much there, so one of their favorite past times is milking a horse, fermenting it, and then drinking it. It's even mildly alcoholic at up to 2.5%. From all the research we've done, it's not good. At all.

What you'll get: A video of each of us drinking a glass, hopefully not gagging and barfing up horse milk. Lovely right?

50% of the donations from this challenge will go to our charities, and the remaining 50% will go to our general team fund.




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