Wax a body part - tire changing competition

Wax a body part - tire changing competition COMPLETED

At 1 in the morning in the parking lot of the Baku port we decided to knock this one out since we were bored. There was a lot of trash talking, hilariously the most by the person who lost. And that loser had to wax his hairy ass leg. Ha!

Thanks Lucas! And thanks for helping your brother wax his leg lol

fun fundraising idea Wax a body part - tire changing competition
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Yak to Yak Champs!

CAUSE: Mission 22

Wax a body part - tire changing competition

Once we leave Europe the roads can get absolutely horrendous. In Mongolia there are vast stretches of no road at all! Suffice it to say we'll be changing tires a handful of times. What better way to get into practice by having a time trial for who can do it the quickest. Before we leave London we'll each time each other changing a tire. The slowest time will have ONE body part waxed - the location determined by the winning 2. This is being documented, so it will be a PG location. Gonna be pretty awkward having hair on only one leg...

What you get: A video of our time trials which will be rife with smack talking and ridicule, as well as when the loser gets waxed. That part will also be rife with more smack talking and even more ridicule.




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